Brisas del Valle VIÑALES is located in a residential area, with family homes, and surrounded by countryside

Brisas del Valle VIÑALES is a private house located in a quiet and cozy neighborhood. All the houses that make up it provide that wonderful competition so typical of Viñales, in which all the facades are painted in different pastel colors, well cared for and with their gardens. It is on the outskirts of Viñales, 10 minutes (on foot) from the urban center and the Plaza Mayor. We are in a residential area, with family homes, surrounded by countryside and with the majestic mogotes giving profile to the landscape. A beautiful area. The sunsets (especially on the terrace) are wonderful. The sunset between mountains, mogotes and fields must be experienced to understand all its charm.

In Brisas del Valle VIÑALES you can have breakfast. A good breakfast, abundant and well-stocked (coffee, tea, milk, fresh fruit juice, eggs or omelette, bacon (or similar), toast, butter, jam, pasta and seasonal fruit salad. Start the long day loaded of vitamins and calories, it will give you that extra energy that you will need in a place so intense and full of landscapes and places to visit. Dinner on the house is a wise choice. Home cooking, rich, made with love. The recipes, one hundred percent Cuban and Creole food (cheerful, colorful, full of flavor). Good side dishes and market cuisine. Fresh and seasonal product. The specialties are pork, lobster and shrimp (not forgetting the delicious black beans).

Brisas del Valle VIÑALES
is a family house, built in 1993 and renovated in 2008. Modern but with all the typical elements of the traditional architecture of its surroundings. It consists of a living room and a parlor, to be, talk or simply watch TV and enjoy a good Cuban coffee (short and heavy), dining room, terrace and rooms (only one is rented). The room has air conditioning, private bathroom and hot water 24 hours. Is Other services are offered (not included in the room price) such as: laundry, airport pick-up, transportation to other provinces, dance classes and massages. We organize excursions on horseback and walks through the areas of the Viñales National Park, where you can interact with the farmers and learn about our traditions.